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Cecilio Ebony Cello - Full Size

Experience the Rich and Elegant Sound of the Cecilio CCO-600 Full Size Cello, Crafted with Hand Oil-Rubbed Highly Flamed Solid Wood and Ebony Fittings

- Full-size cello: The Cecilio CCO-600 is a full-size cello, which means that it is suitable for adult players and provides a comfortable playing experience.
- Highly flamed wood: The highly flamed wood used in this cello gives it a unique and distinctive look that sets it apart from other cellos on the market.

The Cecilio CCO-600 Ebony Fitted Hand Oil-Rubbed Highly Flamed Solid Wood Cello is a premium quality musical instrument that is perfect for professional cellists and serious students alike. This cello is made from highly flamed solid wood that is handcrafted with precision to produce a rich, warm and resonant sound. The ebony fittings on the cello add to its durability and elegance, while the oil-rubbed finish gives it a sophisticated and classy look. The cello is available in full size (4/4) making it suitable for adults and advanced students. The Cecilio CCO-600 is a great investment for any musician looking for a high-quality cello that will last for years and produce exceptional sound.